Brief history

Holy Family School was officially established on Feb 5th 2007 in the diocese of Bettiah. Indeed it was the dream realization of the long cherished desire of Rt.Rev.Dr.Victor Henry Thakur, Bishop of Bettiah to illumine the path of education to nurture the most beautiful aspects of life, moulding the young ones for the future in and around Chapra town.

A pioneer attempt to bring out the thoughts and visions of an institution, which is charitable in nature, caring and soothing through deeds, a place where we learn to be compassionate, merciful, sympathetic has indeed come true, with the arrival of the JMJ sisters of Hyderabad Province in Nov. 2006 in response to the honorable invitation of, Rt.Rev. Dr. Victor Henry Thakur, take up the apostolate of education in this region of Bihar.

In the beginning there were only 13 students on role. The classes Nursery, Prep and Class-1 were organized in the hall of the ground floor with the team of four JMJ sisters along with the manager Rev. Fr.Henry Fernando. By the month of July the classes were shifted to its respective classrooms with the strength of 46. It was a leap in the dark and deep ditch ,but today as our eye witness, it has become the sanctuary of wisdom and knowledge .The fragrance of blooming bud is spreading all over chapra town. It has a very good future.

Holy Family School is an un-aided Minority English Medium and Co-Education School and Managed by the Bethian diocesisian Society. Holy Family School believes that young minds are not like non-living clay. They have life, they have emotions and if we handle them gently, lovingly and carefully, we can give the desirable direction to their development.

We believe that education in its wider meaning includes environments, surroundings and activities that help to shape human beings. Education includes all influences like climatic, cultural, domestic, economic, geographical, political, religious and social. This interaction results in the modification of human behavior and education takes place.

It is said that child gets one fourth of his education from his teachers, another fourth by his intellectual efforts (from books) and another fourth by his fellow students and rest in the course of time through life and experience. With the right learning and interactive environment, they can grow up to become successful professionals, responsible adults and happy individuals.

Holy Family School also believes that Genius is not those who merely possess a good memory. The extra special quality that sets them apart from the ordinary is the desire to achieve, to accept nothing as impossible and to persevere till success lies in their palms.

Education is to set in motion machinery which will bring noble ideas to the door of everybody. Arise stop not till the goal is reached.

Sr. Madhu Xess Principal Holy Family School work’s to provide a rich learning atmosphere to children. Apart from the class room teaching, she focuses on behavioral aspects of children of these young individuals. She believes that although teaching children is important. Teaching children to think is more important. Thinking is the skill which unlocks the potential within and determines how intelligence and information are to be used. This is essential difference that separates achievers from others.

Holy family School promises to make all possible efforts to provide such a rich learning environment for your child.